15 July 2010

300 miserable posts

988 days ago I had a genius idea to start a blog. I had just finished levelling a shadow priest through Outland and had no idea what to do next; it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I called the blog Misery after a key talent in the shadow tree, but also because I’m a glass half-empty kind of guy. If you’ve had reason to pop by on occasion you probably know that.

300 posts later, and I’m still… well, you could hardly call it going strong, more limping along.

That amounts to an average of one post every three or four days, which is not exactly prolific — though I do still remember the dizzy feeling of posting twice in one day. Good times.

I average about 300 hits a day, which even in the rather specialised realm of gaming fanblogs I recognise as a modest splash in the pond. And I can’t even promise that all of those visitors find what they need; I am inherently lazy and don’t do nearly as much housekeeping as I should.

But every now and then, I catch a glimpse of the big time, thanks to the generosity of those rock-star bloggers at wow.com. The most hits I’ve ever received in one day was 2770 on 13 January 2010 for a post about shadow priest glyphs which Alex Ziebart very kindly promoted.

My most read post of all time is also about glyphs, which is a bit of a common theme on Misery. This time it’s the one about glyphs for levelling (hideously out of date). I’m sure anyone who ever hits that page bounces right back to Google in disgust. I promise to update it for Cataclysm, ok?

My top referrer is clearly Google, but I owe a good chunk of my visits to referrals from other blogs — top of the list are Blessing of Kings, wow.com, the (sadly retired) Egotistical Priest, and Penance Priest. Thank you very much guys, and thank you to all the bloggers who link to me that I have shamefully omitted here. Drop me a line if I don’t return the favour, I need a kick to update my blog roll as it is.

The most comments I’ve ever received on one post is a modest 19 for my musings about going holy. I clearly need to do more if I want the buzzing discussions of the big hitters like Matticus and BBB. Share your ideas in the comments please :)

Wrath of the Lick King has been a mixed bag for Merlot. He has seen shadow priests go from a hopelessly broken marginal support class to a dps contender, but he has had to sit out much of the end game while an upstart Tauren shaman monopolised my time. For casual players like me, this has been an incredible expansion, but it has come at a cost. I think most hybrid classes will recognise the pressure to offspec for healing or tanking, and many will understand the pitfalls of succumbing to that pressure for convenience. Once you accept that it’s easier to heal or tank than fight for a dps spot, you are lost.

So I have done more raiding this expansion than ever before, but I wasn’t melting faces. And now it’s too late to catch up. The advent of achievements and gear score have pretty much seen to that — but that’s another post.

With Cataclysm already in beta, I’ll be able to get my teeth into priestly class developments again, which is something I love. And I will soon have to make a decision about my Cataclysm strategy. Do I take the easy route and stay healing, or do I go back to shadow and bench the facehealer?

Either way, you don’t get rid of me that easily. I’ll still keep banging on about how priests need moar luv and how glyphs are broken and how I am totally going to redesign this blog like tomorrow. Yea, mañana baby.


KiwiRed said...

Congratulations on 300.

Also, whenever I get all motivated I have a song I fall back on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDWkft-fpGI (Your use of 'mañana' brought it all back to me)

SolidState said...

> "300 miserable posts"
Congratulations and keep up the good job :)
When/if I go back to play in Cataclysm, I hope to read more excellent face-melting information here :)

> Share your ideas in the comments please :)

Controversy will usually cause people to comment, or just read. As will guides. Guides are good, do more of those :)

Borgthor said...

Congratulations on 300!

Make sure when Cataclysm hits, you're back to melting faces!

Anonymous said...

Grats :) Keep at it.

AShadowPriest said...

Ha! You should see my post on Shadow Priest DPS rotations and abilities. I wrote it back when ULDUAR had just come out, and it still gets comments every now and then. Of course it's woefully outdated now.

I feel bad, but people should also check out the date of the post before they use the information it provides.

Alazais said...

hehehehe. "Wrath of the Lick King"

Fox Van Allen said...

Here's to 300 more!

—A regular reader

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 300! You keep working good now, me love you long time.


Malel said...

Haha. I actually did just find your blog today, and via google...searching for shadow priest glyphs.

And as possibly out of date as it may be, at least at level 34 it helped a bit.


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