15 October 2007

The ultimate quest

When you spent mind-number hours in the yeti cave waiting for Helcular's Rod to drop (substitute any other painful grinding memory here) you at least had something to look forward to. Every kill brought you a small step closer to Outland, every dead yeti meant a skill point in skinning, and a few extra coppers towards your mount. So it was something of a disappointment to hit 70 and realise nothing much had changed. Well, the 100 gold you needed for your blood elf racing turkey has inflated to 5000, and the yetis are elementals now, but it's all sinkingly familiar. While the taunting little blue line has vanished, you have the unsettling feeling that there are unseen levels left to climb. You inspect other players at a frequency bordering on paranoia. And they always have better gear than you. You discover the armory. You read a post on the blizzard forums that says you need a minium of 600 shadow damage to get into Karazhan. You don't even know what Karazhan is. You get the feeling that there is more to this game than levelling and resolve to do some research. And you think, modestly, that others might like to follow you on your quest.

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