14 September 2009

Some more on spirit

WoW blogs are more promiscuous than viagra spam. My feed reader is already stuffed more solidly than a turkey at Christmas and each day I have to elbow extra into it. But I do my best to keep on top of all things priestly, if only in the hope that I can nick a good idea.

A Priest Blog is the latest to grab my attention, thanks to this nifty post that does the maths on the incoming spirit buffs (I'd love to know how a priest blog ended up with the "nerfdruids" subdomain!)

You perhaps won't be surprised to know it's not a huge buff. As Lyn concludes: "Spirit is still bad but now not quite as bad by a small amount!"

To be honest, that's good enough for me. Spirit should have a function in dps, but it doesn't have to be of critical importance.

What I'm itching to know is why the developers have taken this action, and why now. What was going through their minds when they decided to boost the utility of spirit to shadow priests? The motive is crucial, because this might be a loose end, spirit-wise, or it could be the simplest and first in a series of balancing acts. The big question: will haste ever benefit dots, and if so, will we see it in this expansion?


Cataclysmic said...

I know the reason they are less inclined to make these kinda changes is due to the uproar they will get.

If a Shadowpriest has been gearing (and gemming) using Mage type gear, mostly Intellect and Stamina, SP etc, and they suddenly change the importance of Spirit to Spriests so that Spirit is very important, Spriests will have to totally rethink their gearing and they will complain, alot.

Its easy to alter the stats on Priest Tier Gear, but every other bit of "Caster" gear its not so easy without upsetting every other class using that gear.

Anonymous said...

I know there certainly has been discussion on making use of haste for dots, but then there's been a lot of discussion about a lot of things...

I am at least glad to see the changes to itemization that will be coming with Cataclysm. It was getting a little ridiculous.

Lynessa said...


Glad you liked the blog post and thanks for the linkback! As to why they are doing the changes to spirit now, with Glyph of Shadow and IST we now pretty much get the same spirit to spellpower as a Moonkin druid. Only we dont use so much spirit as Mage/Warlock gear is far far better for us.

As for haste on DoTs... we can dream can't we?