10 September 2009

/Clap! /Cheer! /Dance!

Buffs incoming!
  • Twisted faith now increases spell power by up to 20 per cent of your spirit, up from 10 per cent
  • Improved spirit tap now additionally has a 50 per cent chance to trigger from mind flay crits
Not mind-blowingly awesome, but super small improvements to dps. Every little helps :)


Ho Ho said...

Super small in order of 0.5-1%. Not bad but barely measurable. WTB haste scaling with dots!

Also, that BM nerf is harsh, they sucked in pve already and now it's just horrible. No more cooldown stacking to put out even remotely useful damage.

Merlot said...

You'll get no argument from me on haste scaling, but we've gone so long with so little recognition of our issues that even knowing someone is thinking at all about shadow priests is encouraging.

I'm no hunter expert. Is it as bad as it looks?

Seri said...

Not too shabby!