15 September 2009

Five reasons why I won't be joining your pug

If you want to guarantee that skilled, well-adjusted players avoid your raid pug like Stratholme at harvest, just tell them to queue up for a gear inspection first.

I'm not even that skilled or well-adjusted, and I wouldn't lift my skirt to you for an epic mount.

If you ever despair of the quality of applicants, please consider:
  • You are offering no evidence of your own competence, while amply advertising your asshat credentials
  • Gear does not guarantee success
  • Gear is hardly a requirement to success, particularly in Wrath's entry-level raids
  • I can't take anyone who demands gear inspections seriously
  • If there wasn't something catastrophically wrong with you, you wouldn't need to pug a raid to start with, loser
Now please stop spamming trade, I can't keep up with the flame wars.


Anonymous said...


Though I've actually done quite a few pugs because I wanted to run something and my guildies had actually beaten me to it or weren't on at the time. But you're absolutely right about the whole gear inspection issue. I can't tell you the number of idiots I've run into who are in purples who can't pull 1500 dps. At the same time, I've seen some folks in greens and blues do excellent work in entry-level raids and heroics.

There is a proper way to deal with such people. I used to purposely give my warlock agility and strength gems and chants to mess with folks who walked around randomly inspecting gear. (She did have normal clothes, but I'd always run around and do dailies with at least one incorrect piece.) I even had a 1H sword with no OH at one time-- oh, and gray items! It was always so much fun to screw with them when they'd send me a whisper. "When I use all my mana, I hit things with my staff."

Lynessa said...

Something that I normally find funny with PuGs are the ones that say "LFM VoA10 link [Epic] & [Glory of the Ulduar Raider]" when the leader has neither of them. Whenever I invite someone for a instance I always invite them with the "Everyone should get a chance" feeling. If you are bad it will show and either we can carry you or replace you depedning on if you are bad due to gear or bad due to being a r-tard.

Might start saying "LFM Daily heroic link [Realm First! Celestrial Defneder" for giggles. Only I have that one so I cant be called out on it!


Typhoonandrew said...

Its like being asked for your photo on a dating website, but somebody who won't even tel you their first name.

Agree totally.

Shy said...

There are exceptions yaknow. My pugraid went from just pugging to get some emblems from FL to full clearing ToC25.

It does happen, nothing wrong with those people ;)

Adgamorix said...

I always respond back asking for the same links from them, and then link their achievements back to them. My guild actually runs a 25 man ToC and Uld PUG, since we're a 10 man guild. We're still short on Algalon, but just roll over everything else (including H ToC, except for Fac Champs - we're def not a PvP group). I like running in PUGs though - at least long enough to remind me why I don't run in a 25 man guild any more.

Abi said...


This pet peeve of mine is on par with people who feel the need to justify the size of their e-peen by posting their stats in trade when looking for a group.

Chances are that Hunter claiming to pull 6k DPS pulled that on a training dummy blowing every cooldown on a 30 second rotation.

I couldn't agree more that gear has nothing to do with the players skill. In the past week I've grouped with 2 Warlocks in T8 quality gear pushing less than 2k DPS, an 80 DK pushing less than 1k and a Frost Mage in Naxx-10 gear doing 5k, blowing everyone out of the water.

Skill > Gear


Lolz said...

I rather disagree with this post. I gear inspect my pugs.

Why do I gear inspect?
1) I'm usually tanking. I WILL inspect my healers to make sure they have enough gear to keep me alive through the damage that I know is incoming. I don't care if you know your class to the absolute skin of your teeth, 1000 spellpower is NOT healing me through Emalon 25.
2) I want to know if my DPS is slovenly epic collectors or on- target bringers of the pain: An example, you say?-> A mixture of PROPER heroic, badge, reputation geared enchanted and gemmed properly means a raider prepared before he stepped foot into naxx 10, vs. a bunch of naxx 10/25 stuff with zero gems or enchants means somebody more than likely has his ass carried on a regular basis: One of these guys is going to do better. He knows his class, he's willing to do his homework and footwork.. and I'm more willing to give him loot. Guess which one that is?
3) I'm healing. And the DK tank with 37k health unbuffed looks like a good tank.. But neither of us realize that PVP gear and two stam trinkets is *not going to keep him alive no matter how high his health is*

Your post is 100% self contradicting on its own merits. Those skilled players that want to pug stuff are the ones you're defending... But if you take a minute to think about it, they're probably also the ones you're bitching about too: They're skilled enough to pug a raid, put it together, and be succesful, why should they settle for scrubs that are going to drag them down?

The item level doesn't say much about the quality of the player.. But you can certainly tell a lot about a player through their gear.

Anonymous said...

Roffle on ONY pugs!


What does that prove? I see this posted consistently in Trade or General... I lawl!

I NEVER pug. I can't stand wiping 12 times when I could just as soon run it with my own guild and 1 shot it.

Funily enough, our server has a sorta coillition going on amongst the highest rated guilds on the server. A special, super secret channel is designated so that prominent members of the top guilds can LFG for alt raids etc. It's pretty sweet, pretty exclusive, and removes the need for PUGS!