2 July 2009

Shadow priest Q&A

I've just noticed the shadow priest Q&A on mmo champion. It's not the official priest Q&A that we're all awaiting so eagerly, but there will inevitably be some overlaps. I'm not entirely delighted by everything I've read, but it's a start. What do you think?

On first impression, I think many of these questions are rather poorly worded. With a few exceptions, Purplecadet has spotted a problem, decided on the cause and designed a solution before even asking the question - which is invariably, 'will you implement my solution?' It's a rather arrogant way to approach one of the game's designers, not to mention a poor way to try and understand what's going on in their heads.

So while some of Ghostcrawler's answers alarm me, I'm going to remain calm and hope that the official Q&A retains a more open-minded approach to our class.


crysana said...

I had the exact same initial thought too. There have been plently of shadow priest threads where the questions have been phrased much better, or are more pertinant (to me anyway) but of course, Ghostcrawler chooses to answer this one... and not really give any answers anyway.

However, he has followed it up today with some more definate responses but is still talking mainly in turns of pvp. sigh...

Leigh said...

Even though it was an unofficial reply he showed an alarming ignorance with regards shadow priests. The topic he chose to answer was primarily PVP questions but some PVE info was gleamed from it.

- Dispersion is not going to change. A little bit disappointed with this, the 6 second self imposed silence is a pain when on a DPS race but as of yet we have no mana problems even when multi dotting. Also from a PVP point of view dispersion saves you for 6 seconds that's great but your helpless during that time :P

- Our initial rotation setup is acceptable pretty much. In other words we need to spend a few seconds getting our DOT's and buffs up on a target and not hammer it off the bat. This was fairly evident for me last night when we tried XT hard mode on 25 man. The DPS on the heart was so annoying from my point of view :(

- Our Haste problems. He has hinted that it is an issue but how he fixes it is beyond me. Converting haste to affect DOT's somehow might be the solution.

I'm like everyone else, waiting with baited breath.......with zero confidence!