2 July 2009

Wetting my pants

That was a rather lame allusion to rumours of the next expansion, not a confession of incontinence (I'm not ready to admit to that yet). It's a rather wonderful possibility that we will soon be heading to the Maelstrom to kill some naga, set the murlocs free, and face Azshara herself. We might finally get to visit the land of the goblins, and how cool would it be to get water mounts? Your very own dredger or muck crawler. Actually, if I was any more excited, I might really wee.


Anonymous said...

I was actually wondering when they were going to pull out the old naga lore. I was just commenting to my guildies the other day that it's one piece of lore they've yet to really go back to, and no, I don't really count Vashj.

Middea said...

Meh. Same old same old.
Watering it down and repeating stuff just doesn't sound like much for an appeal to me.

KiwiRed said...

Bring on the playable murlocs, that's all I have to say on the matter. (Seriously, can you imagine the nightmares that lvl90 murlocs would induce in pvp server starting zones?)