30 June 2009

They're doing WHAT?

A steam-powered auctioneer has been added to the Dalaran Like Clockwork engineering shop, allowing access to one's faction auction house. The steam-powered auctioneer was programmed with a superiority chip, and will only interact with grand master engineers.

Forget that rogues can eat me in one faceroll, or that paladins can solo ANYTHING. This is the only thing worth fighting for in the whole of WoW. I want a dalaran auctioneer too, dammit!


Kirei said...

Well I know my BF will be happy. Picking up engineering as a priest never crossed my mind. Except for the pets! I loves me some pets!

I wish they would add more to all the professions as a whole. Remind me why I took tailoring. ^^

Merlot said...

Ha! You took tailoring for frozen shadowweave or primal mooncloth like the rest of the known universe, amiright?

Kirei said...

Why yes, me and the other 50 billion clothies. /facepalm sigh.. lol :D

And special thanks to Blizzard letting us know they will never do that again.

"You couldn't do it just once more? I already have it leveled ^^"


Leigh said...

And here I went dropping Engineering at the start of WOTLK because it would cost a fortune to level doh!!!!

I levelled it to the point i could make the epeen goggles for a total cost of 350g in TBC. To get it from there to max end in WOTLK was looking at 10x that :(

Anonymous said...

Now thats just not fair...
next they will be able to set up their own stalls and sell wares outside instances..

Bob said...

What's next?
> Goblin Engineers will be able to build machines that can change your class or race. Meh.
> Blacksmiths will be able to repair other player's gear. Meh.
> Mages who take Enchanting and Engineering will be able to open portals to other servers. Meh.
> Tailors will get several new styles of shirts. L33T!

Holy said...

I am a Shadow Priest engineer and love this.

Please understand that engineers deserve this for sticking with the skill. The auctioneer will (unfortunately) no doubt become usable to non-engineers after awhile because of a QQ storm.