1 June 2009

Caving to pressure

I completely missed this story on Friday, courtesy of wow insider wow.com. Blizzard has announced plans to run question and answer sessions on all classes and have put out a call for questions.

I like to think my own little campaign for answers played some small part in bringing this opportunity about :)

I've yet to work out if this is a US-only deal or something they'll be repeating on the EU forums.

Edit: ok, so we're having EU questions too, they just haven't opened the thread yet. I'll let you know when it comes along.

In the meantime, if you have time and are willing, go pester them about shadow's shortcomings. You know the ones:

  • Pain and suffering 'bug'
  • Lack of cooldowns and executes
  • Anachronistic range on mind flay
  • Dearth of dps glyphs
What questions would you ask?


Jacob said...

The European Shaman question thread has a paragraph that says:

As a part of our class Question & Answer series, we are looking for any questions you may have concerning your class and ask that you post in this thread. For more information on our Q&A series, please click here- http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=9163981415

Anonymous said...

half the so called damage reduction/stun reduction abilities that Disperse is supposed to have ... where are they.. it was supposed to be my secret weapon againts sheepage and kidney jabs.. and it doesnt work!