27 May 2009

Something to write about

In the absence of any coherrant topic, here's a random dowload of my most persistent thoughts.

  • My general comments on the state of shadow have gone down pretty well to date. Not everyone agrees with me of course — I didn't expect them too — but by and large the forum thread was received pretty positively. Not surprisingly my appeal for a blue response has gone unanswered so far, but I'll be popping back tonight for a bump.
  • I missed my 200-post anniversary (it was the glyph guide, in case you were wondering). Not bad for a lazy underachiever :)
  • The built-in outfitter is buggy as all hell. It forgets all but the last set of gear I create after about 10 minutes. I appreciate the effort that goes into adding functionality to WoW but why bother if you can't get it right?
  • I still can't do Malygos phase 3.
  • Poor warlocks. I thought dispersion was bad but why would you ever bother speccing for chaos bolt now?

Sorry for the random. More substantial content soon. Ish.


kyrilean said...

Maybe you're already doing this, but the easiest thing I found was to have someone assigned to lead the drakes and create a macro:

/f [name of leader]

I then macro'd it to my spacebar. Once the floor falls out and you mount your drake, fly to the person leading the charge and hit your macro. You never have to touch your mouse again. Just hit your ability keys. You don't even really need to look at Malygos at that point if your leader knows what he's doing.

Good luck! :D

candy said...

My twittering today was all about how I hate Phase 3 of Maly. WTB less vehicle content kplzthxbai.

Anonymous said...

We have totally forgotten to Congratulate you merl for the 200 post milestone! gz m8! I and hopefully all of us hope you keep entertaining us with your witty and educational posts for another 200 posts.


Merlot said...

I'm totally with you Candy. I did Flame Leviathan for the first time last week (I've been putting it off) and it surpassed even my worst expectations. Half the time I didn't know what I was doing, the other half I was failing to do what I was aiming for. If I'd wanted to drive trucks for fun, I wouldn't be playing a priest in a fantasy MMO. Hurumph.

Thank you Dral! Here's to another 200 pointless, rage-filled amateur ramblings :)