10 June 2009

Ticking over

Hi all. Sorry if you're waiting for some new content (I know there are hordes of you gnawing at the bit). It's the usual work pressures getting in the way. I'm waiting avidly for the priest Q&A to open up, then I'll make some more time for the blog.

On the game front, I have made some plodding, tentative steps into Ulduar, to the point where I almost know what's going on with flame leviathon. I've got to stop loading myself accidentally into the catapult.

And on my last run, I picked up the rather fabulous collar of the wyrmhunter from razorscale.

And I take everything I said about the priest glyph designer back - it's not just them, it's the whole damn profession that's screwed up. Will somebody please explain the logic of a profession which, as with shaman for example, has zero usable minor glyphs at the level when the first glyph slot opens up? Or please help me understand why one might need to learn from a Northrend world drop a recipe for a glyph which can be equipped at, say, 15 and requires materials created with pre-Outland herbs? Those were rhetorical questions by the way, I already know there is NO LOGIC. Someone made it all up while stoned. I speak the truth.


Bob said...

At least there are no mushroom people.

Anonymous said...

"I've got to stop loading myself accidentally into the catapult"

LOL! I almost did this the first time.

"oh what does this button do?" :-)

chronic said...

"I know there are hordes of you gnawing at the bit"

On behalf of all your alliance subscribers; we strongly resent this comment!

Merlot said...

Sorry Chronic, no offence meant :)