22 January 2009

Herding cats, Blizzard style

What the 3.0.8 patch notes should have said:

Fixed bug with shadow word: death that would apply two stacks of shadow weaving.

Introduced bug with mind flay that applies two stacks of shadow weaving.


Captain The First said...

No idea what they did but 3.0.8 is full of bugs. I'd hold any bet that the patch introduced as many bugs as it was supposed to solve.

Leigh said...

They also messed mind flay up so the co-efficient is adding and scaling with every tick instead of a channel. The net result? A 1K DPS increase or thereabouts :P

Pity it's not permanent cause it would mean we could compete with OP Hunters and Retadins!

Esdras said...

I hope they leave it so we can do this much damage all the time, i have topped 7 out of 9 heroics over the last few days and came 2nd in a VoA run and its amazing hahaha.