29 January 2009

3.0.8a — small patch, big cockup

Patch 3.0.8a has been a complete bork for many Europeans but the Blizz geeks are remaining loftily silent on the matter.

Yesterday, I along with hundreds of other players, had problems downloading the patch. Blizzard's new downloader reported the tracker unavailable. We checked firewall settings, followed the usual patch-day advice, to no effect. Dozens of threads on the technical support forums containing hundreds of cogent reports and requests for help received only a token blue response.

For some, the problem resolved itself, but for many others, including myself, we were forced to turn to patch mirrors for the download.

This in itself is fine. It worked. But it's completely unacceptable. It puts my computer at risk from malicious software and it does nothing to address the issue.

In a very polite request on the forums, I asked if Blizzard had identified the problem and taken action to fix it for the next patch. That thread was locked without response. Other such requests have received the same stoney treatment.

When hundreds of people all report the same symtoms, having had no prior issues with patching, having made no software or hardware changes, having no other perceived problems with their computer, and having followed all available official advice to diagnose and correct potential causes, you must at least accept the possibility that these are not all local issues. It does not take a genius to work out that the common factor among all of these complaints is... Blizzard. New downloader? First public appearance? Now what could possibly be causing this widespead patching failure?

I accept there are going to be problems. Blizzard rushed this patch, no surprise there. But I resent having my fault report dismissed with a condescending flick of the wrist, as if the only possible explanation is my own stupidity. Am I not paying for this service? Is it asking too much to want an official acknowledgement of the inconvenience caused? And perhaps some reassurance that we will not have to go through this trouble again at the next patch?


Bubbi said...

What a shambles!I totally agree poor response by Blizzard as usual! I'd go one step further and ask is it too much for Blizard to provide the patch mirror themselves, we also suddenly (after months of sucessful patching) suffered patching problems and a non responding tracker in sheer frustration we downloaded from a mirror...goodness me what a pleasant experience, it was quick, didn't slow down my system for hours on end and installed without hitch and lucky for us without malware. I'd be quite happy to queue to download a patch its surely going to be a quicker process than the endless forum searches, firewall adjustments and system restarts.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American and I had problems with the patch as well. It took multiple attempts to get it to download but each attempt, around 10% download, I would get a warning that I was behind a firewall (which I turned off to get the patch from the downloader). Once I granted the program access, at random %'s the downloader would close itself and cancel the patch, causing me to have to redownload it about 6 or 7 times. I guess my issue was with the downloader itself, not the patch.