21 January 2009

Sex workers call time on missing favourite

DALARAN. The female workers of Dalaran's seedy Sunreaver's inn have launched an appeal after their most popular — and generous — patron went missing.

Troll priest Dralban — who, it must be said, lives more to the spirit than the letter of his calling — was last seen five days ago celebrating the death of black dragonflight honcho Sartharion.

The girls are offering a reward of twelve northern stew and a lap dance for any information that leads to the good-time cleric's safe return.

"It's not the same without him," pouted one of the bar's many buxom wenches, picking her teeth. "Nope," agreed another. "My tips are down twenty per cent."

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Crysana said...

I hope you are out raiding and enjoying the mind flay bug before blizzard fix it!

Our dps is so OP right now :) If only it could be like this always...