7 January 2009

Calling all EU casuals

There's only a slim chance anyone reading this is on the Darkspear realm, even slimmer you're horde and homeless. But I'm a believer in the long shot so here goes...

Freak on a Leash are recruiting!

We're a fun, friendly, casual guild in need of a few more dps and one or two healers to be able to raid 10 mans on a regular basis.

We we will be raiding two or three times a week on week nights, from about 20.00 gt.

There are no scary initiations, no stern spec or gear inspections. You don't even have to come to us raid-ready. We're looking for regular players with a good attitude and the desire to experience new content at a leisurly pace with a bunch of mates.

If that sounds like you, drop Merlot a whisper in-game or contact anyone in the Freak on a Leash guild to ask about joining.

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