10 December 2008

Sartorial dilemmas

It feels like I'm gearing up in the right order this expansion. Here I am, just turned 80, and I'm in a few nice instance drops and making use of one or two quest rewards. (Did I mention I turned 80!?)

It might be something to do with the crippling expense of levelling tailoring. There just isn't the same volume of cloth in Northrend as there was in Outland, and I can't afford to power level the profession. 10 gold for 5 frostweave cloth? I don't think so. As a result, I haven't managed to craft any of the nice level 80 rare and epic items yet.

And the way Blizzard has opened up epic chains for solo questing, like I mentioned in the last post, means I'm collecting those rewards at exactly the right time. I skipped many of the equivalent quests in Outland, or else went back much later to complete them, and they were pretty much useless by that point.

One thing is clear — getting hit capped really isn't going to be the trivial endeavour it was in BC. The nerf to our spell hit talents, as well as the distinct lack of hit on quest rewards and normal instance drops, means we are going to actually have to work to get capped.

It is still possible to stack a decent amount of hit pre-raiding, and thankfully Alex Ziebart over at WoW Insider has done the work on listing what's available so I don't have to.

But you're going to have to go out of your way to do it. I got lucky last night in my first ever Utgarde Pinnacle run, and picked up the girdle of bane. It's a good start, but most of my gear has no hit on it at all.

If you just wait and let the gear come to you, what you're probably going to end up with is... haste. A lot of haste.

Blizzard has really embraced haste for caster gear this expansion.

I know I'm supposed to like haste now. I even know there are some people who want it. But. Before you're hit capped, before you have a decent amount of spell power, it still sucks. I'm avoiding it. Which isn't as easy as it used to be.


PS Sorry the banner's still screwed. I'm working on it, promise!


SaladFork said...

The two Ebonweave items ( http://www.wowhead.com/?items&filter=qu=4;na=ebonweave;cr=86;crs=10;crv=0 ) are absolutely AMAZING when it comes to getting your hit up there as you start gearing up to raid.

As you mentioned, Tailoring is an absolute chore to level up (and costs an arm and a leg), but does pay off a bit in the end. Also, it is certainly better than the horridly long and annoying grind for the Frozen Shadoweave, Spellfire, or Mooncloth sets.

MD said...

Hooray for turning 80!

I found that getting hit capped was easier than I originally expected. Although, being a draenei, I need about 26 less spell hit :) There are some reputation items that contain a good portion of spell hit (weapon from Kirin Tor's revered, back piece from Ebon Blade's honored, etc), if you want a more surefire way to get hit capped.

I won't argue that leveling up tailoring is quite painful :(

Anonymous said...

Grats on 80!
For now Im trying to cash in on the silly prices of imbued frostweave - it was selling for 49-60 each so Ive been undercutting my competition and selling it for a nice sum - low enough that I don't feel is extorsion in comparision to the rest of the market.

ah yes and work on that hit.. I don't know many raiders who have that hit cap yet in any class. ( well those who are in blues/ plums.. )

Anonymous said...

I've been saving the +hit gear I came across on my way to 80 but I'd take a decent dump in spellpower to put it on. I know hit is more important so I'll be slapping it on until I reach my cap once my guild starts Naxx.

Since Misery has changed to 3% spell hit, are you including that in your total hit cap? I know a spell has to "hit" before Misery is applied but I think I'll try it out and just gear for 14% hit (including shadow focus) to see how that goes. The sword from Rev Kirin Tor, the cape from honored Ebon Blade and the belt from honored Wyrmrest are all a good start.

Esdras said...

Grats on 80, im sure wont be long till the gear gets better seems really easy to gear up in Lich King.