5 December 2008

I need more fingers

I'm having trouble with a quest in Zul'Drak.

Betrayal is the climax of an epic quest line that starts innocently enough with a caged troll in Grizzly Hills. This is our first encounter with a chap called Drakuru.

Like many of his race, he appears a little savage at first, particularly to the refined tastes of a blood elf, but he implies he has important information about the Scourge. And so we are drawn into a blood pact which leads us on quests all over Grizzly Hills and eventually to Drak'Tharon, where Drakuru's true agenda is revealed.

We encounter him again under very different circumstances in Zul'Drak, where we are guided by the Ebon Watch on a series of quests that lead up to Betrayal.

I hope that doesn't give too much away for anyone yet to get this far. It's a lot of fun to watch the story unfold as you trundle along through the quests.

But this particular quest has been a bit of shock to the system.

You are required to take control of a pet to attack your target but the pet is almost certainly not going to survive the full encounter. You have to take control of a second pet mid-way through. The pet has several actions and spells that you need to mash at every cooldown to beat down your target. At the same time, there is a lot of heavy aoe that you need to avoid, requiring pretty constant movement. The pet has a heal spell which targets you, but it won't out-heal the aoe. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be attacking the target myself at this point. Clearly, it's the logical thing to do, but I'm finding it hard to focus on my pet specials at the same time and keep out of the aoe, not to mention timing when you take control of your replacement pet seems to be crucial. Ergo: I need more fingers.

I can't think of any other quest in the game that has given me so much trouble. It's almost as if it requires... skill! Could this be the prototype of a new World of Warcraft, where you actually need to learn to play to progress? Am I going to have to get good to move on? Are my days of questing on auto-pilot while gabbing in chat over?

Or is this another one of those quests where I'm being hideously dim and don't deserve to complete it?


Anonymous said...

I had trouble with this and died the first time as well. The trick is to save his stun attack for when Drakuru casts shadowbolt and just let him eat up the melee attacks. You can also assist in DPSing Drak without fear of drawing aggro as long as you keep mashing the pet abilities. Hope this helps - that quest was pretty brutal.

Koenia said...

Set your Spell Detail Level to High as well, so you can see the AoE on the floor clearly. This made the difference for me.

"D" said...

Haha, what I did was that when I went up there, someone else was already halfway through the fight. I jumped in and helped them kill him ... and it counted for me. :-D

Anonymous said...

Yeh I tried to solo it 5 times and died - i was stubborn and wasn't going to give up on it. eventually there was someone else up there and they helped me kill him and we both completed it.

Esdras said...

Not tried it yet but looking forward too sounds fun and not the normal go kill 10 of them and come back.