11 December 2008

Does this mean what I think it means?

From the PTR notes:
Tapping: all player spells which cause a creature to become aggressive to you will now also immediately cause the creature to be tapped.
Tapping. That's tagging, right? No more hunters arcane shotting my dotted mobs? Hooraah! Eat that you gold farming scum!


Anonymous said...

as happy as i am, I cant help but say.

Really blizzard? That took 4 years?

Isisxotic said...

I was INSANELY happy to hear about that.

Really, a Spriest/Warlock duo doesn't have a ton of options for tagging mobs.

kyrilean said...

Wow! My shadow priest now has to learn how to dot first...I can't do it!! It's too much pressure!!!


Rhoelyn said...

Amen, my facemeltah kin! AMEN. Whew. I can feel my stress levels falling already.

Tired of self-zapping for the tap,

Anonymous said...

Praise Jeebus! My main is a Shadowpriest.. my alt? A Warlock. I've delt with having kills stolen countless times. Heres to never having to tag with Shadow Word Death or Deathcoil again!


Anonymous said...

No more half shadow word deathing myself with 4+k crits to tag a mob. !!!

xxxiii said...

A nice change, but I'd rather they had just started the first damage tick on cast.