11 December 2008

PTR stocking fillers

The public test realm patch notes went up today (link courtesy of mmo champion). While there's nothing in the form of significant buffs for shadow priests, there's no bad news either. In fact all we see are minor changes of convenience. If you're the jolly, optimistic type, they might even put a smile on your face.
  • Abolish disease and cure disease can now be cast while in shadow form. Situationally useful. Possibly even good news for pvpers up against death knights.
  • Levitate can now be cast on others. Combine this with glyph of levitate to share the floaty love.
  • Shadow form can now be cast while sitting or mounted. Because that was sooo annoying before.
  • The mana cost of vampiric embrace has been removed. It costs 78 mana at level 80; who cares? I'd rather they removed the cooldown and doubled the mana cost, but that's just me.
They also list this rather confusing bug fix:
  • Mind flay: fixed a bug with targeting where you would not deal damage if not facing the target while channeling.
Does anyone know what the hell that means? You can't channel mind flay facing away from the target anyway.
Sadly, the one thing we all wanted to see the most is not there — If Blizzard has a plan to fix the pain and suffering/shadow weaving/shadow word: pain bug they aren't sharing it. It's a test realm, so things could always change. Still, I'm not holding my breath.


Orbnubbins said...

I think the bug with MF is when you would start to channel and then turn around so you were facing backward. The channel would continue but no damage would be dealt.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Dual Speccing wasn't in the PTR notes? Booooo.

Curare said...

Wow. This will be a nice patch!

The shadowform-while-mounted thing is extremely annoying. I hadn't even thought that blizzard might fix it, but I'm glad they're going to.

xxxiii said...

Diseases: IDK, I'm sort of torn. I'm a lightning fast dispeller, and I do the bulk share in raids and instances. But every time I dispel, I halt dps. Till now, I've been able to use the "it'll drop me out of shadow, let the pally do it" reasoning. So while it is a nice change, it puts a lot more weight on my shoulders.

Levitate: Hurray! My friends were always so jealous. Now I can share.