10 September 2008

This space for sale to highest bidder

Poor Tobold. He writes a wonderful blog about all things MMORPG. It deservedly has a rather large readership and subscription base. He caught the eye of Warhammer's Mythic PR team, who offered him a complementary subscription and took a bit of flack from readers because of it.

Tobold's integrity and even-handed journalism are two of the reasons his blog is so great. I don't believe Tobold's reporting of the game will change one bit.

Mine, however, could.

That's right, I'm completely open to gifts, bribes, flattery and donations of all descriptions.

I have no scruples about lying for my generous benefactors — and that could mean you!

In return for your large sums of unmarked bills, pro-gaming PCs, high def plasma screens, lifetime subscriptions and all-inclusive paid trips to tropical conventions, I will write nice things about you. I won't make the mistake of declaring our relationship first, of course. I am the paradigm of discretion. And as long as you keep me sweet, I won't say anything bad about your product or my experience of it.

Just so we're clear, I am not 100% sold on this whole Misery shadow priest WoW thing — although a beta key could go a long way to changing my mind.

Do you work for Mythic? Alienware? A tobacco company? An arms dealer? You'll find me a versatile, broad-minded ally in your PR battle.

So don't delay, drop me that line now, and you could be the proud, silent owner of an influential blog!


Truant said...

Hi im blizzard, Ill bid a "cooler looking mind flay animation"

now, talk about how shadow priests are NOT useless in the expansion.

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

I'd sell google if they gave me a Girly tshirt...

I had my 1st email request from a random wanting to place an ad on my blog and wanting to know my rates..
I has rates?

I'm pretty firm about no commercial influence at least from an add point, but then the stuff I do like I'm going to talk about anyway and so are already influenced in some form

Alienware pretty...

SolidState said...

I has rates?

Come on Pugna, you can't post something like that and not post a relevant lolcats pic :)

Anonymous said...

but that would be plugging lol cats... my plug was suttle...