17 February 2010

Writer's block

Even as my personal progress through Icecrown moves slowly, I sense a general winding down of the expansion already. We know there will be probably only one more content patch before the real work on Cataclysm begins, and the shadow of the summer exodus looms. I already feel the tension mounting for many guilds on my realm between ambition and apathy. And as much as I hate to admit it, I'm presently erring on the side of apathy. I need a kick up the ass.

So apologies for the dearth of content lately (the doughnut post was a stretch, I know). I do have some ideas (see below) and just need to find the time and motivation to put these plans into action. You can help speed up the process by indicating if there's anything in this list that you particularly crave (or don't, for that matter):
  • Why it's time to remove regional restrictions on forums (rant)
  • Part 2 of the levelling guide (long overdue)
  • Updated raiding spec (but honestly, not sure if this is needed)
  • Whether to drop mind blast with the tier 10 4-piece bonus (don't know, should look into it)
  • Cataclysm wish list (too early?)
  • More addon and UI investigations
  • And lots of admin - updated links, blogroll, new header, and if I can find one I like, maybe even a new template

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