4 February 2010

The doughnut debate

It's a cake, right?

These people who say it's a pastry are clearly crazy people.

Bread supporters? Two slices short of a picnic.

Here at Misery blog, we call em like we see em.

Doughnuts are cakes, dammit.


Calandris said...

if its a cake donut I agree. If its a yeast donut I disagree. and lets talk about the spelling while we are at it....lol.

Dorgol said...

It's like saying square vs rectangle - all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

Likewise, all cake donuts are donuts but not all donuts are cake donuts!


Sarah said...

Damn. Now I want some donuts and I can't go get any because I lost my voice. Argh!

I agree with the square vs. rectangle argument.

Michael said...

Cakes are baked, donuts are fried, and therefor are fritters.

Cheesecake, cake or pie, debate.

Anonymous said...

what about donut holes?

Merlot said...

I stand by my spelling tyvm :)

Now what on earth's a yeast doughnut? Do you mean BAGELS?

And as for FRITTERS...

The square/rectangle argument is a good one, it had me stumped. But my argument rests on cake being a higher kingdom of food than doughnut. A square is a rectangle, but both are four-sided shapes.

I am on a Victorian-style mission to classify all food groups. In my system, cake is a phylum, and doughnuts belongs firmly (squarely!) in it :)

Anonymous said...

doughnut: Definition from Answers.com
doughnut also donut n. A small ring-shaped cake made of rich, light dough that is fried in deep fat.

Jo x

Anonymous said...

btw merl what brought on that rant....
Jo x