9 December 2009

To-do list

Wednesday, 9 December
  • Install patch.
  • Update addons.
  • Log in.
  • Stare at character selection screen swallowing back mounting panic.
  • Take deep breath, log in on priest.
  • Check talents, glyphs, gems; decide you are too poor to change them even if you wanted to.
  • Open LFG, stare with horror at alien interface.
  • Alt-tab to wow.com's handy guide.
  • Return to LFG with renewed confidence, list for new instance.
  • Fly aimlessly round Icecrown looking for new instance.
  • When UI freezes with six-figure lag, realise you have found new instance.
  • Run into instance, stare with wonder at shiny new interior.
  • Start casting spells.
  • Panic as ALL addons go MENTAL.
  • Perform like brain-dead gold farmer through most of instance.
  • Ninja all caster gear.
  • Leave quickly.
  • Alt-tab to Curse for the bad news on buggy addons.
  • Waste hours trawling forums to find fix is months away.
  • Realise with depressing clarity that all addons need replacing.
  • Log resolving to deal with it tomorrow.
  • Go to be early for 5.30am taxi to work (yes, 5.30am).
  • Wake up at 1.30am remembering you are guildless.
  • Resist urge to log back in to look for guild.
  • Dream fitfully about the insurmountable challenge of fixing addons AND finding guild before the entire world has killed Arthas and moved back to Kalimdor to take up farming and crafts.
  • Go to work. At 5.30am.
  • Resign. Find new job.
  • Start to-do list for Thursday, 10 December.


Mortenzen said...

Heh, nice little to-do list, but whatever you do please do not resign... You need an income to pay your monthly subscription!

P.S.: I do not work for Blizzard :)

xor said...

* Install patch.
* Resign. Find new job.

Priceless =)