23 September 2009

Mind flay fail

Patch notes: glyph of mind flay no longer reduces the magnitude of mind flay's movement reduction

Not patch notes: talent tip shows mind flay's movement reduction as 15 per cent

Thank you to Alazais of Skullcrusher for flagging this.

Before you fly off into a nerd rage like I did, the spell's tooltip still shows 50 per cent and the movement reduction with the glyph, while hardly scientifically tested, does *feel* like a 50 per cent reduction.

Mind flay is still the most mockingly limp glyph ever designed, but the movement reduction appears to be as promised.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you ever noticed it, but before the patch, this is how it would work:

Mind Flay range was farther, but the movement speed reduction wasn't as much as it would be un-glyphed.

The Bug: It seemed like the glyph completely removed the movement speed reduction alltogether. Very bad when solo-ing or if you pull aggro in 5m Heroic.

The Fix: The glyphed Mind Flay now properly slows the target down, but not as much as it would when un-glyphed.

Nerd rage averted! :) Now we can reglyph our Mind Flay so we don't have to be so close to the bosses during raids. Yay!