4 August 2009

P Day

It's live. Go read. Breathe. Come back tomorrow, when I'll have gathered the will to respond.

Edit: you know what, it's not going to take me a day to write this. There's not that much to say. Give me a couple of hours to channel my fury into diatribe.


crysana said...

shadow :(

fail blizz, fail...

Leigh said...

I waited with baited breath for this for months and it seems they wrote the Q&A before they even bothered reading the community questions. I had 6 major points which i made on my guild forums and none of them were addressed:

1. No execute ability

2. MF range still needs to be glyphed

3. No viable 3rd Major Glyph

4. Haste Issues

5. Slow build up of DPS i.e. short fights

6. SWD not worth the GCD or usable in certain fights. (Partly addressed but the dmg factor not looked at)

The penance nerf which received over 40 pages of posts on the US forums alone wasn't even mentioned in the Q&A. Shadow priests got over half the Q&A of a 3 spec class and what was learned from it? Nothing!!!

Looking forward to your rant later :P