27 April 2009


My race summoned the Burning Legion, caused the War of the Ancients, destroyed the Well of Eternity, then kidnapped and tortured a naaru to insanity.

I am addicted to magic.

I am allied with:
  1. a legion of reanimated corpses intent on destroying all life on Azeroth
  2. a band of warmongerers fixated on their violent heritage
  3. cannibals

I traded my faith for power.

I have a goatee.

I'm not one of the good guys, am I?


Anonymous said...

The goatee seals the deal. Clearly.

Valkure said...

goatees are sexy. are we running with the concept that sexy = evil?!

oh noes...

Stepford Mom said...

Evil is open to interpretation, the other guys aren't all flowers and sunshine either.

KiwiRed said...

When in doubt, just remember that The Good Guys are always the side you are on.

Isa said...

I wish more Horde would accept this. Evil is not open to interpretation. People are so enthusiastic about WoW being about shades of grey that they start ignoring the fact that about half the horde is organizationally evil, and the other half is too stupid to see it.

There are bad eggs on both sides, sure, but there is nothing on the Alliance side to compare with some of the stuff Horde are involved in at an organizational level. I like the tauren, and the trolls who have allied with the Horde seem to have turned their backs on a lot of that races known problems (i.e. the cannibalism both literal and spiritual). But the Forsaken are flatly evil (personally, I have a pet theory that they traded domination under Arthas for domination under Sylvanas but no one realizes this yet). The blood elves are kind of pulling back from the abyss but they still went there, and they're still pretty sketchy.

The orcs...man, you can pin the Draenei genocide, blowing up their planet, and invading another planet on individuals or the Legion, but organizationally the orcs still: 1) don't act like they're sorry and continue to aggressively expand (so it's no wonder that the Alliance doesn't believe they have changed), and 2) invite the Alliance's biggest enemies to join them (Thrall isn't a terrible guy but he's stupid as hell and has completely wasted the opportunity he had when he became friends with Jaina). I feel bad for the tauren, personally; there's really no need for them to get caught up in this conflict but here they are.

Bob said...

Ok, but the Alliance isn't all sunshine and puppies either.
The Humans are corrupt, which led to VC leading the Defias against Stormwind.
The Gnomes are evil little beings that experiment on each other with no regard for safety only beleiving that the end justifies their means and, oops, accidentally wiped out their home town so they had to move in with their drunken neighbors.
The nature-loving Night Elves, in a desparate act to regain their giant tree-house and immortality, corrupted an entire section of the planet.
The Draenei, wanting to prove they belong as neighbors to the Night Elves, caused an environmental disaster with their little spaceship crash.
As for the Dwarves, is there an Azerothian Alcoholics Anonymous?

Merlot said...

I think there's a difference between having problems, making mistakes, and holding malicious intentions. The difficulty with defending Horde policy and actions always comes down to the Forsaken. You really can't fairly compare the Forsaken to any Alliance faction. I honestly don't know even why any Horde faction remains loyal to them.

Wrathgate raised a lot of unanswered questions for me. What does Thrall think of the RAC? Why does Sylvanus continue to sponsor it? Why are the Taurens not more outspoken? Where were the Blood Elves at the battle for Undercity?

I really hope we might see a cultural shift in the Forsaken now, or in the near future. Perhaps when the Lich King is dead, the thirst for vengeance may mellow. If Sylvanus doesn't steer her people away from global genocide, it's hard to see how even the Orcs can continue to stand by them. When the Alliance are dead, guess who'll be next?