24 April 2009

Death to replenishment

More proof if every any was needed that replenishment is broken:

We are making a hotfix (any minute now probably) so that replenishment in arenas will only affect the character and not the whole team. It will continue to function as it does currently outside of arenas. We feel replenishment is balanced for larger groups, but just makes too much of a difference on smaller arena teams. Making the rules work differently in PvP and PvE isn’t a solution we like to use often, but in this case we think it fixes the issue cleanly, while still making the talents in question useful to the character who takes them. Alternatives, such as nerfing the amount returned by Replenishment in arena or making it not function at all, seem like more punitive choices from which we want to stay away. Source
My views on replenishment are well documented. Replenishment is bad. Replenishment is the worst thing to happen to Azeroth since Sargeras went loopy.

Well ok, not that bad.

But it's up there with leper gnomes.

Replenishment is so borky they had to REDESIGN THE WAY MANA REGENERATION WORKED. And now they need to hotfix it in arenas. Why am I not surprised?

Vampiric touch's mana mechanic was so broken they had to remove it from the game. And what did they do? They GAVE IT TO EVERYONE.

Oh, my mistake. Poor sad druids and shamans don't have it. Yet.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you try and control mana regeneration with one, generic sweeping mechanic across diverse classes with varying personal mana management options and gearing priorities you will fail.

Replenishment is nothing but a millstone forcing increasingly desperate changes across the board, to the detriment of all. Take replenishment away. Give each class the tools it needs to manage its own mana in its own appropriate ways.

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Shy said...

All too true this. Replenishment should never have existed :(