1 April 2009

Cait's Ultimate Blogroll

My Google reader is getting out of control. Every day I discover a new game-related blog to add to the list, but I'm just not organised enough to put them in nice neat folders and keep up with the housekeeping.

I'd guess that Caitlin, over at One Among Many, had a similar problem, because she's collecting as many WoW blogs as she can in her Ultimate Blogroll, a very worthwhile project that deserves a plug, not least in thanks for all the traffic she's sending my way.

She's got the blog links categorised by subject, and even notes blogs that have fallen out of date. My Google reader's great, but if I want something specific and don't know who's blogging about it, this is where I go first.

Go, browse, and if you see a gap, please let Cait know.

1 comment:

candy said...

What a great resource list! I was going to leave a comment, but was not excited about the blogspot commenting options (wtb name+email+URL)