2 December 2008

Two columns good, three columns better

Now that I've got my shiny new column I feel liberated. It's a bit like wearing a kilt in a stiff breeze (I'll try anything once).
I've been able to expand my blog roll using Blogger's wonderful new blog list widget (not so new to Blogger but brand spanking new to me). I've set it to show blog name and post title, and order it by date and time of post (the most recent posts at the top). It's set to 25 blogs but you can click to see the full list at the bottom.
I'm worried it might be a little too long but it was either 25 or 10. Let me know if you feel strongly either way. And if you'd like to see your blog in the list please drop me a line.
But that's not all! (I'm on a roll here.) While researching the blog roll widget, I came across Blogger reactions, which enables you to set some simple rating buttons at the bottom of your posts. Unless I've completely screwed up, you should see mine below. I'm hoping it might spur the comment-shy among my readers into giving me some feedback. It's one thing to think you're shit but so much better to know it.


Anonymous said...

Yes Merlot 3 is always better than 2 if we arent talking about fury warriors =)

Now on a side note, someone find me a new intellect/spirit ratio thingy, bloody wowwiki is failing me.

That clickable "rate my post" thing is nice, cant see the last box though only a little bit of it but not enough to read what it says..

- Dral

kyrilean said...

Thanks for the link Merlot!

Definitely like 3 columns better myself. :)

Merlot said...

Dral! You left a comment! Sorry about that last box. It's fine for me so not sure what's going on. Have you got your browser text size set high?

For info on intellect v spirit (presumably for mana regen purposes) you can't do better than Phaelia at resto4life.com. She's published a whole range of articles to explain the impact of the patch 2.4 changes. It's druid-oriented but useful for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Im really liking the blog roll, I use your blog a my kind of "blog hub" so it helps me a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!