12 September 2008

Well I guess I deserved that...

It was bound to happen sooner or later: I blog about some horrendous massacre of the priest class in the latest beta build and the minute I turn my back Blizzard is out there chatting about how they are going to make it better. (Thank you once again to Suicidal Zebra. I never tire of that name.) That's the pitfall of trying to keep up with developments and I walked right into it.

I have to say, I'm completely baffled by some of these changes. Why would you take something out in the latest build, only to promise the same day to reinstate it later?

Well, I have a huntard alt, so I know all about misdirection. Er, I am acquainted with the concept anyway. Playing with Tassak is a bit like Russian roulette ("...roll for threat...") but I am at least familiar enough with it in principle to recognise it in action. A deeply cynical person might see a glimpse of misdirection going on here, as Blizzard attempts to divert attention from the PR blunder of the latest patch.

But, well, I'm still feeling a little foolish from my last post, so less inclined to take the cynic's side. I don't really believe Blizzard would do anything like this intentionally. I just think they're probably under an awful lot of pressure at the moment, and on this occasion dropped the ball. They didn't think through this last patch terribly well, and have more or less admitted as much. So we're going to cut them some slack. No whining about beta today. Today is whine free.

That's a very rare moment of empathy from me. Tomorrow I will probably be back to my usual moody bastard self, so enjoy it while it lasts. What can I say — I live, literally, under a cloud.

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