18 July 2008

A night of disappointments

  • Zul'Aman raid cancelled
  • Quit guild in disgust
  • No beta invite
  • Blessing of salvation is being removed

More on the beta notes (and guild drama) when I've had time to order my thoughts.


ittibitti_troll said...


Ho Ho said...

Sorry to hear about the raid/guild thing. Try to find some that is better. I've switched guilds twice because of old ones disintegrating and it has only gotten better :)

As for the blessing, look at it this way:
We get our personal salvation from shadowform
Others get nothing

We win!

T-Sonn said...

Wow, Mis... massive amounts of bummer. Gotta stay positive, you know, that whole "one door opens when another one closes" thing. I didn't get a Beta key, either... but that's probably for the best. I hope things start looking up for you.

Captain The First said...

Welcome to the life of the unguilded blogger... you now have three times as much time on your hand to blog and you will be held accountable for anything less :P

Don't worry about guilds though... I find life rather pleasant without them trying out various specs, enjoying the game for what it is and doing a spot of creative fishing now and then.

Judging from the myriad of guild invites I get every day I'd say a guild is a dime a dozen and you'll pick one up again when you feel like it.