7 July 2008

Hoarding for Horde

I have 152 badges burning a hole in my pocket. I have toiled for months to amass them. I have fantasised and dreamed about the weapon they will buy me since the vendor arrived. But I can't bring myself to spend them.

I know the weapon is a good one, it is probably the best weapon I will ever have access to in Outland. But I also know the minute I spend my badges I'll be showered with modestly decent alternatives.

Last night we cleared up to Prince. Tonight we'll go in there to smack his demon butt and he could drop the mindblade (if I can remember to step back from the shadow nova). Ok, so it's not the scryer's blade, but it's acceptable. Acceptable enough that I could splash out on three or four other pieces of badge gear instead. So I'll wait for Prince first.

And if he doesn't drop the blade? Or I don't win it? Will I bite the bullet?

I think the credit crunch is getting to me. I'm already farming like mad on half-a-dozen toons to keep Merlot in consumables (the WoW equivalent of taking sandwiches to work), even though it's probably a false economy. I could surely make more gold on dailies than I save on consumables: I just can't bring myself to pay those outlandish prices.

Somebody give me a slap. I'm being thrifty with imaginary money!


grayhammer said...

I have half that number of badges, myself, and not sure what I would do in your shoes. One idea is hang onto those things to see what WotLK brings..........

TKC said...

/slap :D

My hunter could not get up there fast enough to get his x-bow.

Nine more badges and daddy gets a new pair of pants.