8 July 2008

Answered prayers

Clap, dance, sing, jump, tra la la Misery has a new knife! I'm still pinching myself. I'm just not this lucky with loot. I owe our mage big time for not rolling against me. We're going to get her Aran's shoulders, I promise.

To celebrate, I shed a single, silent tear for the scryer's blade and blew 136 badges on other stuff. I got the fused nethergon band (who needs diamonds), the icon of the silver crescent and runed spell cuffs.

These last two items have given me wonderful fodder for future blog posts: namely, what the hell use is spell haste to me, and what do I do with my trinkets now?

And I'm only 6 badges away from the carved witch doctor's stick. Ignore what I said yesterday: shopping is great.


apanthropesp said...

Congrats on the knife!

I got mine about two weeks ago and consider it one of the luckiest (and awesomest) moments in WoW, as it was my very first run up against the Prince and I outrolled the competition by only a single point.

Since then I've been bemusedly working on my Daggers skill. I think I'm up in the mid 200s now and did white damage for 5 whole points while doing the Daily Sunfury last night. I am the first Fury-specced SPriest!

MD said...

Congrats on a load of new stuffs !! :) I can't wait to hear what you think about spell haste.

grayhammer said...

Congratulations! Imagine the sting if you had blown those badges on the other knife. Brrrrr!

TKC said...


So much for my, "I couldn't get up there fast enough." comment.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, well done!
I can remember the run that I got mine in. The Staff of Infinite Mysteries dropped from Curator and I wont the roll, after having forked over badges for my Orb of the Soul-Eater, so I passed it up for a shot at the Mindblade. I had just enchanted my Greatsword of Horrid Dreams with the +40 spell damage, and voila! it dropped.

It looks very psychedelic, doesn't it?

Chronic said...