15 July 2008

Could this be war brewing?

Thankfully, most of my readers put aside their Teletubby fetish to vote sensibly in the latest Misery poll. The results are a worry though. There's a strong split in opinion over our fishy friends the Murlocs. Will our alliance in Northrend appease or inflame this standoff? Only time will tell!

Meanwhile, I thought it was time to rake through some more familiar territory. Let's see who your friends would be if you could choose — and who wouldn't. Go vote now. Or wait a few weeks. I'll probably forget to take this one down too.

1 comment:

T-Sonn said...

LOL - I think I picked "dumb fish on sticks," but who doesn't love fish sticks?!

On the newest poll - well, the hubster and I have like, leveling teams, kind of. Prin's best friend is his tanking Druid. But really, I could have picked SO many answers. Druid to tank for me, Hunter to intercept when I pull aggro, 'Lock for the New and Improved CoE (woot) or Shaman - because that's the hub's healer, and if he's doing it, I don't have to. : )