29 April 2008

Zul'Aman mon!

I finally made it to Zul'Aman last night. All in all, it's a beautiful instance and a surprising relief to be in the open air after all those gloomy corridors in Karazhan. The bird song and frog chorus are a particularly nice touch. You know, the sounds in WoW don't usually make headlines but I'm often moved by some music or environmental effects as I potter around. There's a post in there somewhere. But I digress.

So we headed straight to the first boss, Nalorakk. The trash were enduring enough to give me a good run at them, and my dps was much better thank Kara. There's nothing worse than a mob that drops before you've even dotted it properly. I'm pushing about 600 dps at the moment, with just over 1000 spell damage. That's another tangent. I'm really unfocused today.

The last wave of trash before the boss was tough. It consists of two mounted bears and two shaman types. The bears both need tanking separately and hit hard enough to require dedicated healing. The dps were assigned to burn the shaman down first. Even with three superb healers in decent gear, the bears got lucky twice and downed a tank. We got them on the third attempt.

After that the boss himself seemed tame. It requires skill from the two tanks, who need to stay top of the threat table and juggle him as he switches forms, and it needs some good healers to keep the tanks alive. It's the ideal fight for a shadow priest, who can just stand there and mash buttons. That's just as well, because it's a reasonably long fight and mana-intensive for the healers. I blew my shadowfiend and two pots and still went out of mana at 1%. But he went down first time, much to the surprise of everyone I think. That's a first for our guild.

We called it a day after that, with homework to read up on the second boss. It's a mobility fight so not one I'm looking forward to, but it does dangle the delicious amani punisher as a possible reward.

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