29 April 2008

Something to aspire to

I've updated my blog roll to reflect my reading habits. These are the elites of WoW blogging, the bloggers I want to be when I grow up. The latest additions are:

Big Bear Butt blogger — inspired tanking advice and game insights from a feral druid

Blessing of Kings — a great blog about the paladin class; informative and thought-provoking

Mania's Arcania — the genius behind petopia, a titan among bloggers (if you play a hunter)

World of Matticus — one of WoW Insider's newest columnists, Matticus writes brilliantly about holy priesting and raid healing


Matticus said...

Blogging is like maintaining a relationship. The best advice anyone can you about it is to simply be yourself. ;)

BigBearButt said...

And make sure ALL the words are included in the sentence before you hit 'publish'... right Matt?


Seriously, my advice is, keep on the way you are, your blog is awesome.