8 April 2008

Talent revamp

So ok, 'revamp' is too strong a word, but I got bored of my excess spell hit and moved a few points around. Here's how it stands at the moment.

As you can see, I'm still the standard 14/0/47 build.

Nothing has changed in discipline. If I could find a better use for my points, I would.

In shadow, I have taken one point out of shadow focus. When I did the maths, I worked out that I would need 8%, or 100.8 points, to reach the hit cap; I'm resting nicely at 105.

More controvertially, I've taken a point out of shadow weaving. My spells now only have an 80% chance of adding the debuff. On boss fights, I figure this is an acceptable risk — with the number of spells I cast, I should have no trouble maintaining the full 10% debuff. On trash, I'm counting on it not making a noticable difference.

So where have my points gone? Well, the honest answer is I'm not sure. I was so quick to wipe the slate clean that I forgot to check where they were to start with. I know, I'm an idiot.

Where I think they have ended up is in shadow power and improved mind blast, although for the life of me I thought I had four points in improved mind blast last time.

I probably shouldn't have kept silence for all the good it does me, but I like having it around. And really, where would I have put the point?

Meh, it's irrelevent now. Even that pathetic little shuffle took me three attempts and 60 gold to arrange, so I'm not about to start meddling again. That's what happens when you attempt a respec at 2 am.

What do you think? Should I have kept shadow weaving maxed out? Is silence a wasted point? Should I pack it all in and go holy? My life is in your hands...

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