2 April 2008

Making money

If you are an avid reader of WoW Insider then you will already know about this new blog — and if not, why not?

WoW Investor promises to boost your in-game finances with auction house and trade tips and suggestions. They say: "It should only take you about 10 minutes once or twice a day to make the necessary purchases and sales; and the only travel it involves is running between the auctioneers and your mailbox - easy right? and sure as hell beats mindless farming!"

Amen to that. I'm going to start by looking into their advice on spellthreads. I'm lucky enough to have both the scryer mystic spellthread and the aldor silver spellthread patterns by virtue of my reputational volte-face. I'm slowly scrabbling my way up to aldor exalted to get the golden spellthread too.

I wonder how universal their advice will prove to be. Auction house prices tend to fluctuate wildly by server, and there's a chance personal experience will not match the advice. Still, I appreciate any and all help I can get to boost my flagging funds and will be keeping a close eye on future tips.

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