25 March 2008

Kara progress

Look, that's me, all shimmery and hauty...

finally, some proper Kara action. Ok, so I know going four bosses in Kara is not exactly hard-core raiding, but it's modest progress for me.

Attumen went down like a priest's nickers first time and obligingly coughed up the handwraps of flowing thought, a small but reliable upgrade to my tempest's touch. Notice the extra spell hit? I now have spell hit coming out of my ears and need to consider dropping one or two points from shadow focus. More on that another time.

We moved on to Moroes, who proved easier than I was expecting. And can you believe he dropped another nice cloth piece? This time is was a belt, the nethershard girdle. Again, it was a nice upgrade for me, but not as good as the belts I am saving up for. So I passed.

On to Maiden. Some of our group had been there before, but for others (like me) this was a new experience. It took us a long time to figure out the fight, even with the more experienced players explaining things. After four wipes, we were nearly ready to give up, but luckily we went in that fifth time and cracked it. Amazingly, she dropped the bands of nefarious deeds.

By this point I am feeling a bit giddy. Three bosses, three cloth drops, no dps competition for the gear. That never happens. I could have taken the bracers, but like the belt, I have my eye on better stuff and didn't want to ruin my loot karma.

So onwards and upwards. We hit the opera event and rolled Romulo and Julianne. I think we were lucky in this. From what I've read of the other fights, there's a little more to them than simple tank and spank. We burned these two down easy, and one of our hunters got a nice shoulder upgrade for his efforts.

And that, as they say, is that. It was late and I had an early start in the morning, so we called it quits. Next time, we'll be looking to curator and nightbane. Fingers crossed...

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