31 March 2008

2.4 hangover

While I should be out discovering Quel'Danas and mopping up the gold from a flood of new dailies, I am instead pulling my hair at the damage that 2.4 reaped to my set up. Firstly, the patch update went askew and I had to reset WoW to a previous version. This wiped all my local settings (including, most annoyingly, every macro from all of my 9 characters). Now I am left struggling to restore my UI and get my addons back up and running. The two addons I use the most, recount and omen, are completely dead, but I don't know enough about addons to figure out the problem, let alone try and fix it.

All of this at least means I've found myself standing around in UC a lot, with enough time to scrutinise the auction house and spam trade for goods and services. The upshot is two very nice improvements to my gear.

Firstly, I bit the bullet and forked out 400g for two nether vortexes, giving me the mats for a belt of blasting and ending my dithering over which belt to plump for. The vortexes have only been tradable for a few days, so I probably paid over the odds, but 200g is still better than the 600g people were demanding before the patch so it feels like a reasonable price. The tailor charged me 100g for crafting and now it's all mine!

Secondly, with only a week to go until the darkmoon faire hits Mulgore, I was getting desperate to complete my blessings deck. I picked up my last card, the six of blessings, for 250g; not a very nice price but probably the going rate. So come Monday, I will be sporting the mouthwatering darkmoon card: crusade. I'm desperate for a decent trinket and this will do nicely.

The upshot of this spending spree is that I am now broke. So broke, in fact, I can't afford the gems for my belt. I will have to stick a couple of green spell damage gems in there till I can grind enough gold for the better ones. Once I've fixed my addons, it shouldn't take too long to grind the gold for them. Meanwhile, I've got to look around for a new project. Maybe lower city rep for that gavel of unearthed secrets...

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