13 March 2008

Help with the rep grind

If I'm ever gonna get my hands on that gavel of unearthed secrets, I need to hit exalted with lower city. I'm not good with numbers so anything which helps me grind that rep is fine by me. This nifty calculator does just that. It takes all your Outland reputations and works out what you need to do to hit the next level.

I'm currently honoured with lower city and need 6942 rep to exalted. I see from the calculator that I need to clear shadow labyrinth 3.5 times to get there. I'd have to clear sethekk halls nearly six times for the equivalent rep, and auchenai crypts over nine which is a pitty, because I loathe lab.

The calculator rather usefully tells you how much rep is available from quests, and in which zones, although it can't tell you how many of those quests you have completed. And for factions with repeatable turn-in quests or with rep-per-kill, it shows how many turn ins or kill to the next level. (I noted rather grimly that I would have to kill about 1900 ogres to get mag'har exalted on my hunter, although I can turn in warbeads too once I've finished the grind with consortium).

One thing it doesn't do is go beyond the next rep level, which is a small shame. It just means I have to go back again after those lab/halls/crypts runs. But otherwise, a very use tool to have. Worth a side bar link even, I think.

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