12 March 2008

Death to Quagmirran and a nice offhand upgrade

I cleared Heroic Slave Pens last night in the hope of grabbing Quagmirran's Eye from the eponymous fungal giant. Sadly, it wasn't to be. My search for a decent trinket continues.

As a consolation, the five badges of justice I looted (including two as a reward for the daily quest) gave me enough for the orb of the soul eater, a nice upgrade from my saga of terokk. Once again, I find myself trading stats for damage. I can barely afford to loose that 23 intellect from the saga, but I am comforted by the fact that the orb is listed on shadowpriest.com as the best offhand in the game for shadow priests.

This takes me over 900 shadow damage, not bad for someone who has barely stepped foot in Karazhan. That's a sore point which I'll moan about another time.

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