19 October 2007

Primal scream

When you hit 70 you have no choice but to suspend all enjoyment of the game and go grind elementals until you are cross-eyed and dreaming about them. This is because they drop motes, which are the basis of the most evil economy known to man (or troll, or gnome etc).

Many high-level crafted items require primals — powerful elemental ingredients that are created from ten motes of the same element. And the elementals drop the motes. Occasionally. If they feel like it. On a good day. You collect ten motes, right click on the stack, and hey presto you have a primal.

If, like me, you are a tailor, you will spend mind-numbing hours nuking the little buggers for slow progress on your epic set. Ditto blacksmiths, leatherworkers and engineers.

Even if you don't need to make something, you need 5,000 gold for your flying epic mount and primals are one of the best ways to get it.

You will be competing with gold farmers, sociopaths and 12-year old boys.

The result is a world of cut-throat camping and competition that reduces even the most noble of paladins to dirty, underhand tricks. If there is a night elf hunter within firing distance you can bet the scum-sucking bastard will time an instant shot while you're casting your first spell.

If you try to buy your ingredients you will be permanently broke, begging every mage in Shattrath for water and emptying your bank for silver.

The worst thing is, I really have nothing better to do with my time. The frozen shadoweave and spellstrike sets are widely considered to be the best items out there before raids. And I'm too busy grinding primals to raid. (Is that what you call a circular argument?)

So if you see me in Nagrand with a harried, haunting look in my eye, please be kind and find another area to grind in.

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