7 April 2010

Spring clean in progress

Just wanted to give the six of you that actually visit my blog warning that the design may go a bit awol for a few days weeks. Blogger in draft has recently introduced some sparkly new features that I'm itching to play with. If I break the blog, I'm very sorry.


Maebius said...

I'll paraphrase-quote Labyrinth here.

"Yes, should you need us, for any reason at all... "

We'll still be here via RSS reading, waiting, anticip......ating. :P

Zelmaru said...

Good luck! I just spent a ridonkulous amount of time redoing my templates in blogger. I will say this - the new design-your-own template had really.... weird CSS, so I couldn't put in my own custom banner or custom background image into the HTML (not that I'm good at HTML, but a custom banner was a deal-breaker for me).

I ultimately just downloaded a free template, searched "blogger help" and learned quite a lot about CSS as I tweaked it.

If the template designer doesn't work for you, there are a zillion free templates you can download. One of them is bound to be "close" to what you want, and then you can customize from there (if you're like me, this will involve swearing).