23 February 2010

Call me Mr Darksun

I have a new weapon in the battle with my company to me skive productively while at work: Google Buzz.

Most forms of social networking are now blocked at work, including my own blog. Google Reader and Google Mail have, up till now, been my last links to WoW content during office hours. I've been able to read other blogs (although posts with breaks are deeply irritating) and post new content on my own, but commenting has been impossible. Until now.

With Gmail now providing access to Buzz profiles, I can follow and comment on Blogspot blogs again. There's also some kind of tweeting functionality.

I had to make up a surname before I could push my profile live, so I am now known as Merlot Darksun. It's a bit obvious, I know, but I was utterly without inspiration.

Anyway, there's a chance I'll make a bit more use of Buzz than I did Twitter, as long as it remains open at work. So if you're a Google user please feel free to pop on by and follow me.

And if you happen to run a Blogspot blog of your own, make sure you've got a profile set up and drop me a line so I can follow you too.

Edit: here's a link to my Google Buzz profile, which is a bit easier than having to search for me (although this page might be blocked by social media filters). I've listed Silvermoon as my home and love the fact that Google has tried to find it on a map :)


@valkyrierisen said...

So I have my google buzz set up, but not sure how to get my blogspot follow(er)s connected on it. :(

Merlot said...

Yea, me neither. My blogspot followers aren't showing on buzz, and my buzz followers aren't showing in google reader. You'd think it would be a bit more joined up :P