21 January 2010

The Goldilocks guild

I've been shopping around for guilds ever since my last one imploded. I've got a bit of a Goldilocks complex — it can't be too big or too small, it can't be too hardcore or too casual, it's got to be just right.

Which basically means the guild I'm after doesn't exist. They either don't need a shadow priest, raid too early, raid too late or too often, are too good for me, or not good enough, they're a bunch of jerks or too disorganised, or just don't have the numbers or skill to make a go of it.

The problem is compounded by the situation on my server, which seems to be haemorrhaging good Horde raiders at an alarming rate. Alliance outstrip us 5 to 1 by some accounts, and Horde feels like a faction in decline. With so much doubt, and a lot going on in my real life, I could very easily have procrastinated all year.

So last week I finally settled on a compromise: I joined a guild that doesn't need a shadow priest.

I took along my resto shammy instead and healed my first Icecrown run last night. So far, I'm really happy with the guild. The officers are friendly and mature, but also strong leaders. We started on time and finished on time, and we didn't mess around much inbetween. They run loot council, which means dishing it out was a bit drawn out, but I can live with that. They even offered me the BoE trash pants from Icecrown — on my first run with them — but I declined; I'd rather build up some goodwill first.

So we killed Marrowgar, which was fine if a bit hairy during the air phase (every time I stopped to cast he flew RIGHT AT ME). And we moved on to clear the trash before Lady Deathwhisper. We didn't engage her, just took the trash rep and moved on to ToC. (The sight of her room brought back some very unpleasant memories of Blackheart's room in Shadow Labs.)

It went well for a first run with a new guild. And I can live with healing for now, even if ultimately I'd rather be melting faces. I have a sneaky plan to switch mains if it ever looks like they can do with one less healer. We'll see. Meanwhile, there's plenty I can do to improve Merlot's gear through the Icecrown 5-mans, badges, and the odd pug. And I really need to renew my Loremaster efforts; Merlot the Patient does nothing for me.


Michael said...

/Mourns the loss of another shadow priest.

I have been very lucky in being THE shadow priest in our guild's raids since Ulduar, and couldn't imagine shopping for a new guild. I wouldn't call my guild a Goldilocks guild by any means, there are friends and there are those I don't mesh with as well, there are days when we wipe all night on something we should be downing, and other nights when we 1 shot a boss that I never thought would fall. It is less about finding paradise and making it home, than finding home and making it paradise.

And such a rough time to be stepping out of the shadows...we are un-broken and scaling like crazy.

Lipstick said...

As the GM of my guild I never thought that I'd be shopping for another guild again. I love all the people in my guild .. but raids have been not a go, or just not able to happen through to completion lately. And lately I feel like I'm a new car people keep checking under the hood for. It's alarming and discomforting. I've been hiding on a pally alt that I actually kind of love. But it's not the same. I feel you. I hope there's a home for my priesty somewhere.

Weatherlight - Runetotem EU said...

No Michael! This Shadow priest isn't lost!!! Read between the lines it's a devious plan (shadowy plan?) to get Merlot back to active! Or so I hope...

Loremaster... I have it but it does require a good amount of perseverance. When you're down to 30 or less quests then the pain begins: Running half ay across Azeroth to do one quest, that releases a new chain of quests, that doesn't count for the continent you need them. Oh the frustation!!! But like all things that take some time and dedication it pays off. Even if after a week you totally forgot the achievement.

I still smile everytime I choose what title to use for the week and I see Loremaster.

Merlot said...

You're absolutely right Weatherlight, if all goes to plan I'll be back facemelting in no time!