11 January 2010

The cost of stupidity

This weekend, the GMs restored my stolen goods to a standard that I hadn't even dared hope for. They returned all my gear, gemmed and enchanted. They returned all my gold. They returned all my farmed materials, my stock of gems, cloth, eternals, consumables, badges, bags... they even returned the odd bits of vendor trash that were sitting in my bags. I have a vague feeling at the back of head that something's missing, but I couldn't even tell you what. For all intents and purposes, I got it all back.

So it would appear that the cost of stupidity, in this case at least, is very little — only the memories of a very unpleasant period, and a week without my favourite characters during which I turned, in desperation, to the alliance. (Don't tell my friends but I now have a female gnome death knight. She looks like a really small Pink.)

Thank you all for your messages of support. As some of you pointed out, I should have known better. Now I do, and I have an authenticator on order.


Ho Ho said...

I got hacked once too and it seems like when blizz is restoring stuff they will restore everything. E.g my L5 mage alt I had sitting in the middle of nowhere had it's 1c grays returned to him :D

Anonymous said...

we love u merl even if u are stupid
Jo x