11 December 2009

A tricky fix

From mmo champion's latest blue post report I spotted this bug fix:
Rolling curruptions no longer use the initial haste value indefinitely. This is really more of a bug fix than a nerf. The problem here was that players could inflate the initial cast of a corruption and have the spell tick for that damage indefiinitely as long as it was refreshed. This resulted in some "jaw dropping" damage. Technically this was a tricky one to fix but we wanted to keep the glyph of quick decay and were able to ultimately find a solution. When this fix goes live, the hasted corruption should correct itself to your current haste within a tick or two of the spell being refreshed.
Huh. Tell me again how difficult it is to fix the rolling refresh on shadow word: pain?


Weatherlight said...


Good point really. I'm not really sure how it works on locks (it has been over a year since I played my little warlock or read carefully patch notes referring to them) but the Sw:P refresh rate could be issue here: with MF clipping and the incoming T10-4pc you’ll be doing refreshes faster than Pain ticks. I’m no technical wizz, clueless actually, but that looks like it can a problem.

On another subject, regarding your previous post, there is a difference in dps and quite a big one as far as I could see… Hint: I now LOVE heroism!

Dusknoir said...

Remember that they didn't remove the haste scaling on Shadow Word: Pain because of rolling SWPs. It was because our DPS was too high.

Ghostcrawler already said this once, before this warlock bug was fixed. I'm not sure why everybody assumed he was lying.

Weathrlight said...


I think Merlot was talking about the bugs with Pain, not the actual dps too high GC statement. And I didn’t doubt GC, as far as balance is concerned DPS might be too high, it’s just that “I want to top the meters” feeling everyone has now and then…

The actual quote also stated something about high crits all the time on SW.P because it was bugged if I remember right. That’s the bug that could be fixed. Avoiding the use of Shadowgreenlight or similar addons, or counting debuffs/buffs.

Merlot said...

Hmm, you're both right, I think!

I don't think ghostcrawler was lying but I do think he contradicted himself on this issue. If you accept that shadow dps was too high with hasted shadow word: pains, you must also agree that a bug which allowed sw:p to carry the haste value at cast for an entire fight contributed significantly to the inflated dps - I don't think these two facts can be unrealted.

Instead of trying to fix this bug and see what our dps came out like without the bug, and instead of attempting to manage our dps in any of a zillion other ways to allow all our dots to scale with haste, they took what I think was a knee-jerk decision to de-link sw:p with haste.

On top of that, I'm pretty grumpy that sw:p still doesn't work with shadow weaving. I'm no expert, but in my ignorance it sounds like the corruption fix is doing something pretty similar to what sw:p would need to do to pick up shadow weaving stacks, no?

Weatherlight said...

That was what I thought you were referring all along, the buggy mechanics with Shadow Weaving (and the similar mechanics).

GC also only states fixing a bug concerning haste. No idea how corruption works when it comes to other kind of bufs.

That said if all they fixed was the haste, well… it’s a non-issue for Sw:Pain. Not saying it’s right or wrong, just that maybe the rest of the mechanics aren’t as easy to fix(?).