30 December 2009

Dragon Age: the Misery review

BioWare's latest fantasy masterpiece is an "epic tale of violence, lust, and betrayal" — much like my professional life, which chose to implode just as a free copy of the game landed on my doorstep. Luckily PS3 pro Nas stepped in to review the game for me while I did battle with the brain-sucking ogres of my office. It's late and it's off-topic, but it's here now in case you're looking for a new challenge in 2010.

Being a KOTR and Mass Effect addict I was delighted when BioWare were brining our a new RPG — Dragon Age Origin. Dragon Age has a great story, great battles and incredible scenery. You can immerse yourself in this fantasy world and lose countless days uncovering new quests and perfecting your character. You start from choosing from three base characters, warrior, mage and rogue and within each base you can then have a choice of two classes. You wander around this vast fantasy world interacting with all those that take your fancy and making decisions that affect the game. These decision can cause party members to leave or attack you, maybe even fall in love with you, but I haven’t achieved that yet!

No matter who you chose as your base character, you soon meet Duncan, a Grey Warden, and the Darkspawn. You battle through the game becoming a Grey Warden yourself and meet characters who have a depth and quality that you rarely find in games. The game manages to combine humour and suspense. The world really is your oyster, you decide how you turn out and how the game finishes, you decide how much you want to immerse yourself into this world but the dialogues that you chose to have or not have and the quests you chose to follow or not follow.

The development team have done a sterling job, it’s a beautiful looking game and if you are fan of BioWare RPG games, or any RPG game then buy it — just book a few days' annual leave first!
A quick google of the title reveals that Dragon Age comes with a mature rating for graphic and morbid violence, mature language, and sexual content. Sounds like a party. Learn more at dragonage.bioware.com.

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