31 December 2009

Dear paladin tanks

Please use divine plea. Miraculously, you will never run out of mana, never have to skip consecration from your rotation, and never find yourself on the end of a Very Angry Discipline Priest.

If you don't use divine plea I can't shield you, probably won't get any mana back from shielding others, and will likely force you to stand around tediously inbetween pulls while I drink.

You should know I now consider this a litmus test for good paladin tanking. A paladin who uses divine plea is generally always in mana, rarely struggles on threat, and is the most awe inspiring force in wow. The ones who don't usually run out of range while I'm drinking and wipe the group. Call it a co-incidence if you will, I choose to see a pattern.

I'm sorry this is your burden alone. We can shield warriors, death knights and druids without a thought. It's not fair, but it's true.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.


Anonymous said...

In my experience I'll run out of mana with any kind of healer if I don't manage divine plea, bubbles or not.

A trick you can use - inspect the tank's talents. Many tanks opt for 1/2 spiritual attunement, and just rely on DP / BoS for mana. If this is the case then your shields are only hurting their mana half as much.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is also a shadow/disc priest, I give this one a hearty AMEN!

Askevar said...

I sometimes have to run seal of wisdom if it's something I outgear massively on my pally.

I have a problem keeping divine plea up [it refreshes constantly while I'm in combat] because that means remaining in combat = chain pulls. And I get people whining I'm going too fast, even when they're full mana.

Tom said...

Coming from a Paladin tank, they need to use Bos as well, I find a lot of paladin tanks don't use it. Even with divine plea up and Bos I still run low on mana quicker with Disc priests. They fixed the rage issues with this with warriors and druids, they need to fix it for paladins too. It is on a long cool down but as long as the paladin is hitting something every 15 seconds divine plea stays active, as Askevar said though this can cause some chain pulling.

Isa said...

Speaking for paladin tanks, it can be really frustrating to keep it up sometimes. You usually have to chain pull, which can make people crazy. And in some instances it feels flat out impossible to keep it up--Forge of Souls is particularly egregious, the mobs are waaay too spaced out. I'm at the mercy of the ability's cooldown for much of that instance, unless one of those random skulls pops up and I can hit it before it explodes.

Anonymous said...

I run divine plea, and I still have to skip some consecrates.

But, y'know, that's my problem not yours.

(I tanked a few heroics without consecrating at all, just to see how it went. Made me work a bit to grab 5-pulls against raid-geared AoEers, but I never lost it.)

It's also a 3% damage reduction.

Also, yeah, chain-pull. Life's too short. In theory, I'd happily wait for the healer to take a mana break. In practice, the healer might as well swap to DPS in most heroics.